Marketing Plan


I started my marketing agency in 2015 from a studio apartment in Irvine, California.


I used to be a Senior Account Executive at a well-known social media company. Every day, I worked with the best interior designers, architects, and general contractors in the world… I sold online advertising packages on our company website (and app) to help them get more exposure online – and bridge the gap from traditional word-of-mouth marketing to online marketing.


It was an awesome, Silicon Valley-based startup and I loved helping home improvement professionals get results from our ads. But, one day, out of the blue, I met the man that I would marry. And when we tied the knot, I moved into his house – Far far away from my job, my friends, and my family.


So I quit my tech job, became a licensed Realtor, joined a big brokerage, and started doing real estate.


But I quickly realized two things:


I loved generating leads online, but wasn’t wild about the process of actually selling homes (you’re a better person than me in so many ways).

I was really frustrated by all of the information I was being fed about lead generation (which was totally inaccurate and outdated).


Armed with these two new revelations, I sought out to master online lead generation on my own. I bought every course known to man and began testing everything I could on my own website and social platforms. Soon, I began generating a ton of leads and referred them out to other agents in my office.


After 6 months of consistent results, a few of the top producers in the area started seeking me out, one of them hired me… Then 5, then 20!  Shortly thereafter, I started a blog to document the trends I was seeing, and agents started seeking me out from all over the world…..


It was then that I realized that there was a huge gap in this industry that I could fulfill. I literally just started creating all of the resources I wish I had when I first started out!


Soon after, the blog snowballed into a website design studio… And a marketing agency…  And now an online education company.


It wasn’t easy, I made a lot of mistakes along the way, and I’ve easily spent well over $25k on my personal education to master online lead generation for myself and all of my former real estate agent clients…


But it was all worth it.


Because I was able to get a birds-eye view of what was working (and what wasn’t) globally, when it came to real estate marketing.


I quickly realized what home buyers and sellers really want these days before choosing a Realtor… And I designed marketing plans for agents that spoke directly to their clients’ greatest needs, wants, and concerns.


That’s what happens when you’re in the trenches, every day, hustling with agents.


Now, just a short time later, I’ve turned my brand into a profitable business and I have tens of thousands of agents from around the world who have joined me on this journey.


I have best job on earth. And I’m so grateful for it everyday.


Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a top producer, I can help.


I share tips, stories, and inspiration to show you what got me from zero to 100+ leads generated daily, helping more agents, and loving lead gen 🙂


I also share my best social media, blogging, and Facebook advertising tactics too.


No matter how you feel or where you’re at right now, generating leads… on demand… online is possible. And I’m here to show you how to do it.






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