Marketing Plan

How I Chose My New Realtor

As many of you know, I’m a Realtor. But with my busy schedule running the Lead Strategy Academy, I don’t have time to do alllllll the work that goes into buying or selling my own house…. And since my husband and I want to sell our current home and move to a new home in […]

The ONLY Way to Get Over Your Fear Of Doing Video

  We *will* be a camera-first society in five years…. And if you still plan on being in business, then you *will* have to get used to being on video. Stop Being Afraid to Put Yourself Out There I think that most agents have accepted this (harsh) reality, but most agents aren’t doing anything about […]

The Best Places Online to Get Real Estate Pictures (Legally)

    Are you stealing your real estate marketing photos? I’m still surprised by the fact that agents are still surprised by the fact that they can’t download random pictures from the internet and use them in their marketing. Those aren’t your photos… I get it. As a real estate agent, you need lots of […]

Stop Marketing Your Real Estate Business

  I understand why most real estate agents use Realtor-Focused marketing. In the 80’s and 90’s agents were taught to brand themselves… Think about the classic billboards, bus stops, and bulletin ads… Arms folded.  As ridiculous as this sounds nowadays, it actually worked back then. But let me ask you this… Can you think of […]



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