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Takeaways from An $18K Mastermind

I joined an $18K mastermind and something unexpected happened… This altered my business and my life forever. I know, $18K is a lot of money. And you’re probably wondering why I would spend that much on a mastermind. And trust me, there were times where I doubted and regretted not putting the money into other […]

How To DIY A Real Estate Website (In A Weekend)

     Renting your website is like renting a home. You have zero control You can own your own website and I’ll show you how! Your brand new website will come, fully-equipped with IDX, community pages, a built-in blog, and the ability to collect leads online. If you want this website, click here to […]

How To Choose A Profitable Real Estate Niche

  Real Estate niche marketing seems totally counterintuitive — After all, the entire premise revolves around targeting a smaller set of people in order to get a much larger return. In this post, I’ll explain why the riches are in the niches and give you 85 real estate niches to choose from. One of the […]

You Are Not A Realtor

  I’m in quite a few facebook groups for real estate agents and the other day, someone posted something that was really alarming. She said something to the effect of, “I’d love to outsource my marketing, so I can focus on being an agent.” When I saw this, I died a little inside, because this […]



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