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How To Get Real Estate Leads From Local Meetups

What if you could generate hundreds of real estate leads over time just by hosting and attending more parties? Well, you can, if you’re using local meetups for real estate! If you’re someone who prefers to farm instead of hunt, then event marketing will be an absolute gold mine for you! Here’s how it’s done! […]

Real Estate Blog Ideas To Get Ranked in Search Engines

  Blogging is the holy grail of modern marketing. Once your blog post reaches the top of Google, it will stay there, for years, collecting leads, on auto-pilot, for free. This is the beauty of blogging for real estate leads …And why Zillow pumps out 6+ blog posts a day! In this article, I’ll show […]

Real Estate Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide

  Everything you need to know about real estate facebook ads! Ad types, anatomy, targeting, retargeting, best practices, examples, and more!   Real Estate Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide   Real Estate Facebook Ads In A Nutshell Facebook ads are the best thing that has ever happened to online marketing. It’s the only platform that […]



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