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Instagram For Real Estate: How Many Accounts Should An Agent Have?

    Should a real estate agent have 2 Instagram accounts? Or should they combine their personal account and business account into one? There Are Two Schools of Thought… This was inspired by a question that was asked my free Facebook Group, Local Leaders Rising. This question actually comes up a lot and even my […]

The ONLY Way to Get Over Your Fear Of Doing Video

  We *will* be a camera-first society in five years…. And if you still plan on being in business, then you *will* have to get used to being on video. Stop Being Afraid to Put Yourself Out There I think that most agents have accepted this (harsh) reality, but most agents aren’t doing anything about […]

The Best Places Online to Get Real Estate Pictures (Legally)

    Are you stealing your real estate marketing photos? I’m still surprised by the fact that agents are still surprised by the fact that they can’t download random pictures from the internet and use them in their marketing. Those aren’t your photos… I get it. As a real estate agent, you need lots of […]

Stop Marketing Your Real Estate Business

  I understand why most real estate agents use Realtor-Focused marketing. In the 80’s and 90’s agents were taught to brand themselves… Think about the classic billboards, bus stops, and bulletin ads… Arms folded.  As ridiculous as this sounds nowadays, it actually worked back then. But let me ask you this… Can you think of […]

Should You Let Local Realtors Follow You On Social Media?

  One of the number one questions I get asked is…. Should a real estate agent allow local Realtors to follow them on their social media accounts? Do you want to be seen as a collaborator? Someone who wants to be friendly and help as many of their local colleagues as possible…. Or, do you […]

Takeaways from An $18K Mastermind

I joined an $18K mastermind and something unexpected happened… This altered my business and my life forever. I know, $18K is a lot of money. And you’re probably wondering why I would spend that much on a mastermind. And trust me, there were times where I doubted and regretted not putting the money into other […]

How To DIY A Real Estate Website (In A Weekend)

     Renting your website is like renting a home. You have zero control You can own your own website and I’ll show you how! Your brand new website will come, fully-equipped with IDX, community pages, a built-in blog, and the ability to collect leads online. If you want this website, click here to […]

How To Get (Positive) Online Reviews: For Real Estate Agents

  In this episode, I’m going to explain why real estate agent review sites can be a goldmine filled with rich sources of new business or a land mine that take an entire business down. Let Me Tell You a Little Story… So, when my husband and I were dating, one of the things that […]

YouTube For Real Estate: How Karin Carr Gets So Many Leads

Real estate leads from YouTube? It’s easier than you think! I recently sat down with Realtor Karin Carr to get the inside scoop on how she gets so many quality leads from her YouTube channel!   Meet Karin: As a real estate agent that’s also an Air Force wife, she’s moved 4 times over the […]

How To Choose A Profitable Real Estate Niche

Real Estate niche marketing seems totally counterintuitive — After all, the entire premise revolves around targeting a smaller set of people in order to get a much larger return. In this post, I’ll explain why the riches are in the niches and give you 85 real estate niches to choose from. One of the most […]

You Are Not A Realtor

I’m in quite a few facebook groups for real estate agents and the other day, someone posted something that was really alarming. She said something to the effect of, “I’d love to outsource my marketing, so I can focus on being an agent.” When I saw this, I died a little inside, because this agent […]

Company News: Academy Refresh & Website Rebrand is Here!

    The month of March is special to me. It’s the month that I first officially launched the Lead Strategy Academy!   I worked so hard to make my dreams happen, and put in a ton of sweat and tears into making this the best real estate marketing course. Ever.   As I was […]



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