How To Get Real Estate Leads From Local Meetups

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What if you could generate hundreds of real estate leads over time just by having more parties? Well, you can if you’re using local meetups for real estate! If you’re someone who prefers to farm instead of hunt, then event marketing will be an absolute gold mine for you! Here’s how it’s done!


Step #1: Pick Your Party

Jot down a list of things that you’d like to do more of…

It could be kayaking, book clubs, happy hours, yoga classes, marketing lectures, mommy and me time, cooking classes, networking, hiking – whatever you’d like! Just write down as many passions and hobbies that you can think of.


Think about the size of the group…

Small groups are hobbies that have to remain small in order to be effective. Activities like book clubs, cooking classes, and bible studies would go into this category. They all require small group settings because they are highly interactive and need lots of the organizer’s attention.


Alternatively, large groups can be scaled easier and require less of the organizer’s attention. These would include activities like, lectures, happy hours, networking events, running clubs, and yoga classes can typically be scaled pretty well without any logistical issues.


If you’re feeling ambitious, choose one from the large-scale group. If you’d like to test the waters first, choose one from the small-scale group.


Think about the demographics of the group….

You want to attract people who can be a rich source of leads for your real estate business over time. Likewise, you also want to repel people who will never buy from you at all – Like other Realtors. So just be sure that you can fill your event with prospects who will eventually need to buy or sell a home. If you don’t think that you can, scratch that one off the list.


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Step #2: Plan Your Party

The first step in the planning process is to create the event. My all-time favorite place to do this is Meetup is a website where like-minded locals can find each other and hang out in real life. And for a nominal fee, you can even create and lead a group of your own!


There is literally a meetup group for everything that you could possibly imagine. In some cities, there are hundreds of meetup groups to choose from. But don’t let the competition scare you, though. Not all meetup groups are created equal. Some are better than others – And after reading this article, if you decide to create your own group, it will be awesome!


Once you’ve arrived at, you’ll click the button that allows you to start a group and follow the prompts. Choose an awesome name, complete all of the description fields, and choose a photo that accurately represents the group. If you don’t already have a cool photo, I recommend grabbing one from Libre Stock – A stock photo site that allows you to search thousands of free, professional photos at once.


Pro Tip: Make sure that you complete all of the fields completely upon signup because after *three days* will advertise your group to all of the local people on the platform. This is a golden opportunity that you won’t want to miss!



Step #3: Promote Your Party


One of the biggest mistakes that new group leaders make is failing to promote the event. They’ll create a meetup event and wait silently. Instead, make sure to promote the heck out of your event.


First, start a Facebook Group to compliment your Meetup Group and promote your events. This should have the same name as your Meetup Group. Make the group public, add a description, and your first event.


Second, pick a few key influencers that have a vested interest in the success of your real estate business. Choose your favorite loan officer, insurance provider, home warranty pro, handyman, housecleaner, and any other vendor that you work closely with. Invite them to the event and tell them that you are going to add them to your Facebook Group. Once added, make sure that they share the event with all of their friends – Barring other Realtors, of course.


Third, invite everyone that you know who’d be interested in attending your event. Call them all personally and ask them to attend your event. It would be helpful if you also told them why they should attend and how much fun they’re going to have.


Fourth, one of the biggest factors of event promotion is telling a story. The best way to tell a compelling story is with pictures and video. Luckily, every real estate agent knows a professional photographer and videographer. Invite them to your event and ask them to film the entire event… For free. They will get leads from doing these events over time (and more business from you after you get leads from all these events). Win-win!


Blast the event online. This can be through your blog posts, social media profiles, and Facebook ads. The day before and the day of the event, I would also post reminders about the event in the Facebook Group, via email, and via the meetup platform. Tell people who you are, what they can expect, and who they can expect to be there.



Step #4: Collect Contact Info

At your event, make sure to speak to everyone, really work the room. Because you are the leader of the event, people will actually expect you to. Introduce yourself as the organizer and naturally, they will ask you what you do. Sprinkle in real estate whenever you can.


Before you move on to the next person, collect contact information and tell them about your Facebook Group. Ask them if you can add them on Facebook and reach out to them via email in regards to future events. Everyone will agree.


Step #5: Nurture The Leads

After the event, upload the photos from your photographer, add everyone as a friend on Facebook, LinkedIn, and all of your other social media platforms. Also, add them to your Facebook Group and a segmented list on your email provider.


This serves several purposes. First, you can stay in contact with the person on multiple platforms. Second, you can see what the person has been up to, especially life changes that may require them to buy or sell a home. Third, you can promote future events to them and stay top of mind. Fourth, you can run Facebook ads to them to keep your business top of mind. Fifth, you can ask them to review your events on, so you have social proof for future attendees to join.


Pro Tip: Once a person becomes a contact on LinkedIn, you can export their contact information and upload it to your Facebook Ads Manager, so you can serve ads to that person periodically!



Step #6: Rinse And Repeat

Your first event may be on the smaller side, but over time your events will grow, and you’ll meet hundreds of new people and build your list in the process. Just like any form of lead generation, you have to work it consistently. However, if you’re someone who hates cold calling and door knocking, this is the best way to generate new leads on a consistent basis and without fail!


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Tell me, what’s your first event going to be? If you’re already running an event, what benefits have you seen and how many leads have you closed thus far?



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