Real Estate Video Marketing: How To Create A Month’s Worth of Content In A Day

Today I’m going to show you how to create a whole month’s worth of content in just one day!


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Real Estate Video Marketing: How To Create A Month’s Worth of Content In A Day



Batch Your Real Estate Videos

So I want to introduce to you a concept called batching. Batching is when you complete similar tasks together, all at once.


For instance, you don’t bake one cookie at a time. No. You make a whole¬†batch of cookies at once.



Batching Saves Time

It’s undeniable: Completing similar tasks in a batch not only saves you time. When you’re filming lots of real estate marketing videos at once, you also only have to do hair and makeup, camera setup, backdrop and lighting once.


If you were to film all of your real estate videos for the month individually, it would take twice as long to complete each one.


So batch those bad boys out!



Batching Creates Higher Quality Content

Let’s talk about context switching, shall we?


Context switching occurs when you stop one task to complete another. You make think that you’re doing a great job multi-tasking, but the truth of the matter is that you’re actually wasting precious mental energy when you’re jumping from one task to another.


But when you batch similar tasks together uninterrupted, you forego context switching altogether. This means that your mind is able to produce at its highest level – making your real estate videos better.



What Tasks To Batch Together

For real estate video marketing, you should be batching the following tasks:

  • All of the filming
  • All of the editing
  • All of the uploading & posting
  • All of the promoting & marketing



Today, I Filmed 30 Videos…

In the morning, I did my hair and makeup.


Then, I wrote out all of the topics that I wanted to cover.


From there, I set up my backdrop and lighting.


Then, I pressed record and started filming…


Finally, I rinsed and repeated 29 more times!


I filmed one video, after another, until I completed all of the video topics that were on my list.



How To Start Batching Your Real Estate Video Marketing…



Start a Google Doc and create a list of the top 20 questions that you get asked on a daily basis.

Answer all of those questions.

Hint: Whenever someone asks you a new question, write that one down too!




Break out your camera and start filming.

Film all of the answers until you’ve answered them all.




Upload these videos to YouTube.




Upload the videos to Facebook and schedule them out on a weekly drip.



How To Promote Your Real Estate Marketing Videos



The first benefit of uploading your video to YouTube is that YouTube is owned by Google. So when people are Googling the exact questions that you’ve answered in your videos, Google will serve up your video to them as a search result. #FreeRealEstateLeads


The second advantage to uploading real estate videos to YouTube is that whenever past, present, or future clients ask you these questions, you can send them a link to the video that you created. Not only will it answer their burning question in 15 seconds flat, it does it in a more personal way. If I was deciding between 2 agents and one of them sent me a video text with the exact answer to my question, that’s the agent I would choose.


These are the little things that will solidify you as an expert in the minds of your leads and referral partners.



When you schedule out all of your videos on Facebook, you’ll always have new content to share with your local farm.


You can also boost each of these videos on the cheap! You can literally boost a video on Facebook for a few cents per view. It doesn’t get any better than that!




You can have each of the videos transcribed. And once you have the transcription, you can copy and paste it into a new blog post.


Again, the purpose of this is to get Google traffic from people who are searching for the answers to your questions. This is how SEO works in a nutshell. is an automatic transcription service that allows you to upload videos and have them accurately transcribed in minutes! The service is only $0.10 a minute, which means that a 5-minute video is only $0.50!



Real Estate Video Marketing: The Easiest Way To Get Started

Sit down, plan out all of your content, press record, and start filming!


It’s really that easy.


This is something that I will be doing in my Real Estate Marketing business more consistently moving forward. Recording 30 videos in one sitting was exhausting, but when I was done, a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.


And now, I have tons of content that I can use everywhere! I encourage you to do the same!




Thanks for reading my blog post about real estate video marketing and batching! What was your biggest takeaway?


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