How To Use Canva To Create A Facebook Cover Photo

Are you are real estate agent in need of a branded Facebook Cover Photo? In this video post, I’ll show you how to use Canva to create a stunning Facebook Cover… In under 5 minutes, for free!


How To Use Canva To Create A Facebook Cover Photo - For Real Estate



How To Use Canva To Create A Facebook Cover Photo



The Best Real Estate Agent Facebook Cover Photos



Josh is one of the Million Dollar Listing Agents on the Bravo TV show. So he’s a celebrity agent.

And what I like about his cover photo is that he actually has a call to action with a unique selling proposition, “global luxury lifestyle ambassador star of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo TV, over 2,000,000,000 in sales.”

I really like that he puts his unique selling proposition front and center, which is a perfect cover photo for someone who has a very unique selling proposition.


Josh Flagg Facebook Cover Photo




I love the North Group.

They’re out of Toronto and basically, their cover photo is just showing how amazing Toronto actually is.

If you have a brand that is focused on a city or a particular neighborhood, a cover photo like this would be perfect for you.


North Group Facebook Cover Photo




Love them or hate them, Zillow does a really great job on their marketing.

The reason why I like this cover photo is that it always changes seasonally. It’s winter time right now, so they have a cover photo with a fireplace – which is totally appropriate.


Zillow Facebook Cover Photo




Now compass is a national real estate brokerage they just opened a new office in San Diego and so they’re making that known here. And so again, this is an example of something that is a promotional type of cover photo. So if you wanted to change it for promotion, this would be a really great example of doing that as well.


Compass Real Estate Cover Photo




The team is also out of Toronto. And what I like here is that they have an awesome team photo that shows off their relaxed vibe.





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