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Instagram For Real Estate: How Many Accounts Should An Agent Have?

Should a real estate agent have two Instagram accounts? Or should they combine their personal and business accounts into one?


The reason why I wanted to address this question today, is because I received this question at the same time in both of my Facebook Groups – So obviously, this is a popular question!


Usually, agents fall into two camps, the first argues that they should have two separate accounts because they want to keep their personal lives private. The second camp argues that managing two Instagram accounts is overwhelming and simply too hard to keep up with.


If you’d like to know what I think, keep reading!


Instagram For Real Estate

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The real purpose of Instagram for real estate agents (hint: It’s not for posting listings)
  • The challenges of managing multiple accounts and how to keep your social media management simple
  • The drawbacks of having a separate business account and why no one actually wants to follow a real estate agent on Instagram





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