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Facebook Instant Replies: Never Miss A Real Estate Lead From Facebook

Today I’m showing you how to use Facebook Instant Replies, so you never miss another lead from Facebook – even when you’re away from your desktop or mobile device.


facebook instant replies for real estate



Facebook Instant Replies: Never Miss A Real Estate Lead From Facebook



Real Estate Agents Are Busy People!

From going on listing appointments, showing homes, writing contracts – You name it. Realtors don’t always have the luxury of sitting at a desk and waiting for leads to pour in from Social Media during business hours.


Most of the time, you’re going to be out and about when a lead comes in. And sometimes, you’re not going to be in a position to answer an incoming lead right away. But Facebook Instant Replies changes all of that!



Facebook Instant Replies

Facebook has given you a way to reply back to leads instantly and automatically – Even when you’re busy.


Watch the tutorial above to see how I set the Facebook Instant Replies for my clients!



Change the Default Copy….


The default copy that comes with the instant reply doesn’t really fit the needs of a real estate agent, so I recommend changing it. I’ve added some copy below that you can steal!



***This is an automatic reply {NAME}. Thanks for reaching out to contact me. Please call or text me at {PHONE}, chairs {YOUR NAME}! {YOUR WEBSITE} {YOUR EMAIL}.


Remember, Facebook has information stored on every person who uses the platform, so when you include the merge fields, it will auto-fill correctly – for both you and the lead!





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