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Should You Let Local Realtors Follow You On Social Media?

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Should a real estate agent allow local Realtors to follow them on their social media accounts? Or would it be wise to just avoid other real estate agents from getting access to an agent’s social pages?

It has been a floating argument and comes up a lot on social media for realtors threads. It is pretty much a very popular question in both of my Facebook Groups, that is why I wanted to address it today!

The debate usually comes down to collaboration vs competition. The agents who are in favor of it say that they love to learn from other agents and build a community that runs on collaboration. Meanwhile, the agents that are opposing the idea, say that they would not want their ideas stolen and have people run away with their stuff.

If you’d want to know what I think about this, keep reading!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • The reason for allowing or avoiding realtors that follow you on social media (based on facts!)
  • The factor that places your page on a higher rank in Google
  • The strategies for posting in social media to gain presence for your business
  • The effects of having followers on social media


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